About the artist

Miranda first recognized her love for makeup artistry half-way through her sophomore year of college. It was a comment a close friend had made, that encouraged her to make the change from academia to a more artistic route. She enrolled in Capri Institute of Cosmetology in January 2012, to further her knowledge in the beauty industry.

In November 2012, she graduated and put her talents and efforts towards creating a career for herself. Since then she has gained experience working with the everyday woman for their wedding day or special occasion, as well asĀ on set for photography, television, film, music videos, and various promotional videos. Her work has been featured in magazines, and contributed to prize winning photographs.

Miranda’s style tends to be described as natural, clean, and elegant. She believes that there is an elegance to minimalism. Makeup doesn’t always have to be used to transform someone into a different person, that it can be used to compliment the natural beauty that’s already there.

As of May 2017, Miranda resides full time in Los Angeles. She travels back to the east coast frequently to services brides and various clients in the NY Tristate area.