House of Lashes Haul: PART 1 – Premium Luxe Lashes

Recently I decided to venture into vast world lash brands, and see what a step up from drugstore had to offer my life. I’ve always been an Ardell girl, and Wispies and Demi Wispies have been a staple in my kit since I started freelancing. I find that they look good on anyone, and give a nice amount of drama without being overwhelming and uncomfortable.
But, I have a habit of finding something I love and riding it into the ground, and now I want to explore a little deeper, and find some new magical treasures to play with.

I also wanted to experiment a little with a different higher end brands for my bridal clients. I wanted to be able to offer them a wider variety of lash, with a little bit of luxury to them. Most of my clients either prefer individuals or a softer looking lash, so I don’t think the majority will be asking for anything as dramatic as the follow five lashes… but! I figured they’d be fun to try out anyway!
Working at Ulta, I was exposed to a bunch of different drugstore brands, I also ordered a lot of my eyelashes on Amazon, recently falling in love with Christina lashes (which I guess are made in the same factory as Red Cherry?). But there was something missing. I wasn’t getting that same beautifully full and exotic looking lash that I was seeing on Instagram and Youtube.

I’ve been hearing about a bunch of brands, but House of Lashes really jumped out at me. They offer a very large variety of both natural lashes and deluxe lashes, and the price – while it is higher than what I’ve been paying – is not terribly expensive for the design and quality. Plus they’re cruelty free!

I’ve already posted these images to my Instagram, but I figured putting them up on the blog would give me a chance to describe each style a little more in depth. They’re in no particular order, and this is kind of my first impression since I’ve only worn each lash once.
If anyone is interested in learning the products I used on my eyes, I documented everything in my Instagram, which is linked in my sidebar!

First off is Iconic.

houseoflashes_IconicI feel like this is definitely House of Lashes’ star lash – everyone owns it, and with good reason.
They look absolutely stunning in images and are great for dramatic, eye-opening statement looks. I would say that these are probably the most dramatic of the lashes I purchased, and definitely the longest and fullest. The band is –very– thick, so unless you have a dark smokey eye, or a thicker liner, it’s going to be difficult camouflaging the heavy lash band. They are a little bit weighty, so if you’re new to lashes, or only wear very light lashes, they may take some getting used to. I found them pretty comfortable though.
The one great thing about the hefty lash band is these lashes (and the four that follow) are super durable. If you take care of them properly, clean them after wear, and put them back into their box or a case, they will definitely last you a ton of wears. So, while the $12 price tag may seem more than what you’re used to paying for a pair of lashes, you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck if you’re a responsible lash-wearing adult.


Next is Boudoir.


These were a wildcard. I mostly bought them because of the name, because I do so much work with boudoir photography. …lol. Yep, that’s pretty much the major reason why I bought these lashes. I wasn’t feeling them too much the day I wore them, mostly because I had limited time to get ready and they fought me hard. These bad boys were –not– easy to apply. The lash band was very stiff, and stubborn to mold and shape – I had a lot of trouble getting the inner corners to sit tight to my lash line.
The lash hairs are super duper long and very dramatic. It took me a minute to adjust to the length. There is an extra layer of volume in the center of the lash, giving the illusion of super full wispy lashes. The comfort level was so-so. But! I’ve only worn them once so far, so I think maybe trimming them a little and giving them another shot wouldn’t hurt! I do love the way they look.

Third up is Noir Fairy.

houseoflashes_Noir Fairy

This seems to be another fan-favorite. I feel like these guys are very similar to Iconic, just a little less dramatic? ….They’re still pretty dramatic. As much as I liked Iconic, I think I prefer Noir Fairy over the two – I feel like they’re a little more wearable in everyday life. It’s a super full lash that gives a very beautiful lushious flare. There isn’t any criss crossing of the individual lashes, but rather varying lengths of the individual lash hairs, making them a little more natural looking. Application was pretty easy despite the thickness of the band. The inner corner can easily turn into a dicey situation if you’re not careful.

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Fourth is Pixie Luxe.


I was particularly looking forward to trying Pixie Luxe, because they’re another pair that I see a lot of on social media. However, I wasn’t quite as impressed with them as I was with others. That’s not at ALL to say that they’re not beautiful – they’re gorgeous and I still like them a lot. It’s just not what I was expecting. Maybe it’s the dramatic length? Because they remind me a lot of Boudoir… I’m starting to think that I’m not used to seeing my eyelashes with such luscious length to them.
These were one of the only pairs I had to trim – the lash band is super long, and if you don’t size it perfectly it gives you some problems with puckering and sitting in the inner corner. Like all of the lashes above, they’re not super uncomfortable if you apply them properly and trim them to your eye shape. But you will be aware of them.

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Lastly, coming in for the home run…Featherette.


I. Freaking. Loved. These. And, I was not expecting to. At all. I just bought them on a whim, and when they came and I saw them in the packaging I was like..”Meehhh….”. I don’t know why. I bitterly saved them for the very last, because I was so underwhelmed. But, I think they’re honestly my favorite lash from my entire haul. The perfect mixture of wispiness, volume, not a suffocating amount of length, and the band is relatively skinny compared to the rest of the deluxe lashes I tried. Plus they sat really well on my lashes and were pretty comfortable throughout the day. If I had brides interested in more of a stylized lash, I think I would recommend Featherette. They have a really beautiful mixture of curled and slightly straight lash hairs that make it very natural.

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I hope this was helpful to potential buyers! I’ll post the more natural styles I purchased from House of Lashes in a separate post later this week 🙂

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