Pinky Paradise Contact Lens Review

Hey, everyone!

Welcome to my first blog post! Yayyy! I’m super pumped to get started, and I will try my hardest to update as regularly as possible. Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy the ride :]

To commemorate my first post, I’m going to review a contact lens order I placed with Pinky Paradise recently! This is my first-ever order of SFX contact lenses, and I’m really excited to have found Pinky Paradise, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have been able to order as many different pairs as I did. Many of the sites I visited priced their lenses around $30 per lens; however, PP’s lenses are on average $20 a pair. Plus, each pair of contacts you order comes with a cute little macaroon or animal lens case. I eat that shit up.


Right now Pinky Paradise is doing a promotion if you order $130 or more in contacts, they’ll express ship them to you! I, of course, am impatient and excessive…so, I bought 6 pairs of different colors and types of lenses with my prescription: EOS Bubble Green, EOS Bubble Pink, EOS New Adult Red, Geo Magic Black, Princess Pinky Cosplay Corunus, and Princess Pinky Cosplay White Mesh.
It was a little disappointing to see that most of the Halloween contacts didn’t come with prescription, but they do have a lot of different styles of cosplay circle lenses that have some interesting effects.

I was so excited to see them sitting on my doorstep, that I immediately ran out to Walgreens at 11PM to buy contact solution to clean them. Because I’m impulsive, and don’t read labels (…or instructions, or prices), I ended up buying a Benzoyl Peroxide disinfectant soak. After letting them soak over night, and not realizing my mistake…I proceeded to stick one of them in my eyes, resulting in lots of tears and a burning eyeball for the rest of the day. I had to wash off a Halloween makeup that I spent two hours crafting, because I couldn’t see and my eye wouldn’t stop leaking. This is my life. I don’t read instructions.

In anycase, now that they’re soaking in regular contact solution, they were very easy to insert. The only problem I had was with the Princess Pink Cosplay Corunus lenses – they’re very flexible and crumply, and fold into a bunch if you touch them even slightly. I had to tilt my head up to the ceiling and gently hold it over my eye and wait for it to fall in to get them to go in my eye.

Let’s get started!


First off is the EOS Bubble Green circle lens! They are a bright lime green that outlines the outer part of the iris. The effect is pretty neat – kind of like your eyes are radioactive and glowing. They were very easy to apply, but they do kind of sit stationary, so if you look to the side, sometimes you can see your natural iris poking out.






pink01The EOS Bubble Pink lenses are the same style in a bright baby pink. In all honesty, I think these guys may be my favorite style out of the ones I ordered. They also come in Grey, Violet, Blue and Brown… (I may have to go back for more.


red01The next style was EOS New Adult Red circle lens. They are speckled red with a black outer iris. I’d be interested to see what these look
like on lighter eyes – my eyes are a little dark, so it’s difficult to see much of a difference.


black01I bought a pair of GEO Magic Black circle lenses, just for funzies, and mostly because I
needed one more lens to get the free express shipping. They’re just basic black – giving you a big doe-eyed look. Nothing crazy to write home about.

My outer iris is already pretty dark, so it just kind of deepens and increases the size for me. This probably looks a lot more dramatic with light eyes.


The last two lenses are from PP’s Halloween prescription lenses selection. They only had six options, two types of white, three types of red, and one “white out” lens.

white01The Princess Pinky Cosplay Corunus is a white iris, with a black outer rim. They are extremely white, and very dramatic!

They’re very comfortable, and you can move your eyes around quite easily without any iris-slip…


They are an eff’in pain to get into your eye. The lens itself is so flexible and crumply that it conforms to the shape of your finger, and doesn’t want to let go. The only way I can get these into my eye is if I strategically drop them in from above. It’s more complicated that I wish for my contacts to be.


blindeyes01Last, but not least! …And, definitely a cool addition to any SFX contact collection: Princess Pinky Cosplay White Mesh circle lenses!

These guys are perfect for any creepy, ghostly or zombie-fied makeups! They are prescription, and you can actually see out of them pretty well! Your vision is slightly impaired, kind of how I picture ghosts seeing “our world” – like under a foggy veil. That being said, you can walk and navigate the world pretty easy, but don’t be driving around with them.


I have yet to wear any of these for an extended period of time, but I can always update later with my results and the comfort level of each lens.

For now, they will be excentuating the atmosphere of my more out-of-the-box makeups! I can’t wait to start using them ♥
Stay tuned for looks to come!

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